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Skimming and Scanning 2

Task 1: (20 mins)

1-In pairs discuss the following questions:
A- What is meant by skimming and scanning?
B-Why are they important in reading?
2-Click on the following link and read the definition of skimming and scanning.


Task 2: (20 mins)
 In pairs watch the following clip and answer the following questions


1-What is the difference between Skimming and scanning?
2-How do you use skimming and scanning as reading techniques?
 Task 3: read the follwoing attachements and follow the tasks instructions

p10-1 scanning

p10-2 skimming 

Task 4: (25 mins) Skimming and scanning game:  Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
  1. read the attached article and follow the tutor’s instructions to answer the 6 Qs.
  2.  Jot down the strategies you will utiliz to find the information quickly and accurately.
  3. Did you scan for words in the text? Did you read the first line of each paragraph? Did you use the photograph as a clue?  
 November 1 skimming and scanning

WHO is Brian Greene?

WHAT will each hour-long segment of his “The Fabric of the Cosmos” be about?
WHAT is the overarching theme to the show, according to this review?
WHAT questions do you have about space, time and the universe that you might want to ask Dr. Greene?

WHERE does the show place Dr. Greene “fulfilling the fantasy of many a New Yorker…waving his hands and making all the people there disappear”?

HOW other visual tricks does the television show use to make theoretical physics comprehensible to non-scientists?

WHY do you think this article ends with a quote from Dr. Greene, ““We are part of a far richer and a far stranger reality.”

WHEN have you learned a concept in science that fired your imagination?

 Effective Reading Strategies

Click on the following link to watch and read the presentation<


 Scientist ‘lives on sunlight’

 A German scientist is being studied by colleagues after claiming to have eaten nothing for four years. Cancer researcher Dr Michael Werner claims to get all his energy from sunlight. He says he drinks only water mixed with a small amount of fruit juice.

Dr Werner has written a book about his experiences, saying that when he started the experiment he even managed to put on weight. In his book, “Living through the Energy of Light”, he says: “I can’t really explain what is happening on a scientific level in my case, but perhaps just a little bit of faith is all that is needed.”

 German colleagues who are investigating the source of Dr Werner’s energy say only plants can synthesise energy from the sun, but so far they are at a loss to explain how he is managing to stay healthy.

 Dr Helmut Oberritter, head of the German society for nutrition, said: “It is not possible to live on what one gets from fruit juice alone. There are lots of vital proteins and fats that are missing. Obviously this case needs a lot more investigating if we are to explain it.”

1- In paris scan the following text to find out the main idea of the text.



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