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Making Notes



 Task 1: read the following questions and in pairs try to discuss each one to find answers (draw a mind map for note taking skills while answering these questions):


Task 2: read the given articles by tutor, and highlight and underline key ideas about the value of note taking and presentation techniques. 


Task 3: In pairs read and discuss the content of the slide show and follow the task instructions in the last slide.                 

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 Follow up activity:

  1. Look carefully at the marks and underlining that you colleague made on his/her text and compare them with yours.

  2. Why do you think your colleague underlined the words he/she did?

  3. What type of notes he/she used?


The value of highlighting and underlining techniques

Using highlighting and underlining is a valuable way to:



Task 4:

Step 1

  1. In pairs choose an article and in your own words briefly describe the key points of the argument that the author is trying to make.

  2. List three main ideas from the author argument.

  3. Read your text again and find quotes or ideas that support the argument or key points that you will highlight earlier.

 Step 2

  1. Use your notes and information to create linear notes or pattern notes or column notes.

Step 3 

  1. Use your notes to write a summary of the article you read earlier 50 words long.



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