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Exam handling techinques

Task 1: in pairs discuss how you prepare yourself for an exam and what do you do before the exam? List three things that you think important to do before sitting any exam. How do you plan successfully for an exam?

Task 2: watch the following video clip:


Exam Technique

Task 3: read the following strategies and then click on the Revision techique link below and find out some helpful tips

Strategies for revising for exams

 Revision Technique

Task 4: read through the practical questions and underline the key points

Practical Questions:

How do I avoid panicking during an exam?

The way you approach the examination room – the way you prepare yourself for the examination. The better prepared you are, the more confident you will be. When you get to the examination room, take six deep breathes and perhaps a hard boiled sweet to make some energy go to your brain. Ignore people all round about you. Then that will help you to settle in. If you have done lots of past question papers previous, and you have done them to time, you will be used to seeing what is on the question. Take Rubricon the questionnaire which is a list of instructions which tells you the number of questions you have got to do if there are any compulsory questions. Now, the more examination papers you have seen, the more familiar you will be with that information – so you are not taking in new information – so the better prepared you will be for the examination itself.

How can I avoid spending too long on one question?

You’ve got to be disciplined with your time in an exam. You will know the time available to answer that particular question because you can check all of that before you go into the examination room. You know the overall time for the examination itself and the number of marks allocated to that particular question. Make sure that you know how long to spend on the longer answer questions, and make sure you don’t go over that time.

How can I stay focused during an exam?

The way to stay focused during an exam is to ignore everybody around you, the people writing furiously right from the very beginning, or anything else happening in the examination room. Remember, it’s your examination and nobody else’s and it’s the examiner that will decide whether you’ve done well enough to pass or not, nobody else. So, make sure your mind is completely separate from everything else that’s going on in the examination room, and if you carry out good preparation before you go and you’ve prepared yourself in terms of how you approach the examination room and you’ve read over your paper, I think you’ll find yourself fairly focused and the time will pass very quickly as well.

How can I manage my time in an exam?

When thinking about managing time in an exam, remember that you know how many questions you’ve got to do in an exam, and you know the time that you’ve got to do it. The exam questions have got marks associated with them, and you can get this by looking at past papers. Work out the time that you should spend on each question. For example, a twenty mark question might work out as about twenty minutes; if it’s only worth ten marks, then you’ll only spend half the time on that. You try to keep to that timetable. The danger is, of course, that you spend too much time on a particular exam question. You can help avoid this if you start with what might be smaller and simpler questions. You can perhaps gain some time in these questions, but plan your time so that you do the whole of the exam paper as far as you can.

Task 5: Drawing up a time plan

In pair discuss how to draw a plan of how you would hope to use your time in the exam, and then draw a sample time plan for a three-hour exam.



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